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A series of detailed technical information sheets was developed based on the needs identified in the SOPHY project. These sheets help users of the SOPHY software to understand the food safety issues associated with pathogens of concern in their products.

The joined effort of SOPHY partners resulted in the development of a web based data collection platform. This platform was used to develop the SOPHY Database. The SOPHY Database consists of approximately 2500 records mainly focused on bacterial survival, bacterial growth, spoilage parameters, other quality sensory parameters under various processing and storage conditions, and shelf life modeling data regarding a wide range of food products while focusing in ready to eat food products; fresh cut and deli salads.

An integrated tertiary model called “GroPIN” was developed by SOPHY partner Agricultural University of Athens using Visual Basic for Applications. The application may serve as a user-friendly and highly transparent predictive modelling database for kinetic (growth or inactivation) and probabilistic models.

Fresh and safe from field to plate

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We are happy to announce that with Heinemann GmbH a new partner has joined our consortium. Heinemann is located in the north of Germany and their offer comprises potatoes and carrots peeled and cut as well as a variety of fresh-cut, deli, and fruit salads. Therewith, they are an ideal partner to guarantee that the software tool developed within the project meets the needs of producers and offers real benefit as well as a convenient usability.

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